Play Better... Pray Better!

Tefilla from the Heart

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Acting is the mashal (metaphor).

Only when we properly understand the mashal can we be most effective at navigating the nimshal.

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Never acted before? No problem!

The classes are not divided by skill level, and this does not hold back the more advanced participants, nor leave behind those less experienced!

Each person is given personal attention and coached at her individual level, and everyone can make great strides and achievements, no matter what her background.

All that is required is a willingness to participate, an openness to being coached, and a drive to improve your Tefilla!

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How could an Acting Class help me with my Tefilla?!

I always felt that having kavana is too hard, I am starting to see that it is doable after all! Thanks!!!
~Rochel C., student, Brooklyn 
Sarah's class was...not only was fun, but helped me connect on a deeper level to my tefilla!
~C.R., mother, Jerusalem