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Tefilla from the Heart

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Classes 1-8

Each of the first 8 classes is comprised of a mix of warm-up exercises, working on monologues, learning about some aspect of Tefilla, and discussion about people's experiences with some of the learning and exercises. Not every class will have all these components, but all the elements are strategically placed for the overall effectiveness of the course.

        Each class is ~1.5 hrs long. Those who need to leave after 1.5 hours are free to go, but the time can sometimes vary slightly depending on class size and need, and the nature of the course, which is interactive. Still, we greatly value and strive for punctuality, both for the beginning and the end of each class.

Class # 9

Class #9 is a bit different: For this week, we schedule private appointments for a half-hour individual coaching session with Sarah, to focus on your personal monologue work. People have been known to reach their "breakthoughs" during this session, and we have seen people go from doing a good performance (in Class #8) to an outstanding one at the Siyum (Class #10), after work that was done during this 9th class.

Class #10

Class #10 is our "Siyum," our show at the end of the session, where each participant has a chance to perform her monologue and the option also to speak a bit about some of what she learned regarding the Tefilla aspect of the class. Friends and family are welcome (to join the online forum) and encouraged to dress nicely and have some refreshments, as we did when this was done in person. This tends to be extremely rewarding and enjoyable for all involved.