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Selected Mekoros

Rambam in Shmoneh Perakim names "imagination" as one of the fundamental faculties of the soul, and expands on how we can (and should!) use it to aid us in our service of Hashem.


Rav Wolbe in Alei Shur speaks of the importance of using our imaginations to enhance our Avodas Hashem.


Gemara in Brachos reveals that Tefilla is more important Hishtadlus, and possibly more effective, even than doing good deeds! ("Amar Rav Elazar, Gadol haTefilla yoser m'ma'asim tovim.")


Vilna Gaon - on Shir Hashirim comments on the need to elevate everything physical (including artistic abilities and talents) for a positive spiritual purpose.


End of Koheles - "Yafeh Davar B'Ito"Commentators here tell us of the need to employ our emotions at the right time and place, for example, a Jew should be able to go from a house of mourning to a wedding and have the appropriate emotional responses at both.



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