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Tefilla from the Heart

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General Overview

Tefilla from the Heart (Avoda Shebalev) is a 10-session course for Jewish women. Each class is around an hour and a half in length. (See below, or click on "More Info" for the exceptions, classes 9 & 10.)

Before the course begins, each participant is asked to choose one monologue to work on throughout the course, in preparation for our performance (Class #10). Anyone who does not wish to perform for the Class #10 Siyum is not obligated to, but it does tend to be a very rewarding experience.

Class #9 is comprised of private half-hour coaching sessions, and Class #10 is the Siyum, which is the final performance.

Class #1:

Mastering your Monologue; Kavanna of 1st Bracha of Shemoneh Esreh; "No time" to daven? No problem!

Class #2:

Transcending Not Understanding all the Words; More Kavannas

Class #3:

Kavanna for second Bracha of Shemoneh Esrei...

Class #4:

Empowering Ashrei...

Class #5:

Personal Coaching Extravaganza...


We provide a sampling of about 10 monologues to choose from, which you can view after registration.

You are also free to bring your own monologue if you prefer; just please ensure that its content is "Kosher" and tame enough for a general audience, including children and very religious Jewish women.

If you are unsure whether your monologue fits these requirements, please inform us, and email the text to as soon as possible before the course begins.

If you are having trouble deciding on a monologue, please at least bring one option to the first class to work with in the meantime. You have until the second class to change it (though this is not recommended).


Class #6:

Third Bracha of Shemoneh Esrei...

Class #7:

Getting Personal: Bringing YOU into your monologue (and your Tefilla!)

Class #8:

Shema and more!

Class #9:

Private Coaching/Dress Rehearsal -- learn how to be more present & bring immediacy to your Davening!

Class #10

Our Siyum & Final Performance!